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The feminine principle has returned and balance is being restored to Mother Earth and all her beings

Welcome to the Iseum of Mary Isis (‘Iseum’ , means Hearth of the Goddess), located  on the sacred land we call ‘Lilith’, where the teachings of the Divine Feminine abound.  We are located in North Western Sonoma County in a picturesque redwood forest.

The Iseum is a nonprofit spiritual organization, where you may sign up for a yearlong Priestess Apprenticeship program, go on a spiritual adventure to the Big Island, Hawaii, and/or discover a Past Life through Hypnotherapy.  We perform non-denominational weddings, Blessing Ways and Rites of Passage.  Classes and workshops take place in our Red Tent Temple on such topics as meditation, yoga and dance.

Your reprieve from the world awaits you.
A healing, renewing oasis in serene Annapolis, restores mind, body and spirit.