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Jun 18 / Nancy Dew

New Priestessess Get Ordained

Sat May 22 was the 4th annual ordination for our current apprentices!

This glorious event took place here at Lilith, on the most beautiful land, where flowers were abundant, as was the beauty of each Priestess.  We regally Ordained 5 new Priestesses into our Iseum who had taken the year long Apprenticeship Program.

The day began with light showers from sweet Mother Earth, which we didn’t mind a bit, as a Pageant of Priestesses walked the forest, to be blessed at each Altar, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, in the most Holy of Holies of our Rituals.

Priestess Sumedha danced in the Red Tent, a magnificent dance to Kali, to banish the destruction taking place on our planet.

Kaliani and Tara danced a sacred hula to Pele, Goddess of the Volcano, under the stately redwood trees.

The Spiral Choir sang melodiously, our sacred songs, as our Faerie Godmother sprinkled Faerie dust on our heads.

Our High Priestess, Nancy Dew, led the procession in her feathered crown, carrying her staff through the forest to the Fire Altar, where a fire kept us warm!  Each Apprentice passed through the Winged Portal and was Anointed Priestess with Spikenard Oil, the oil that Mary Magdalene used to anoint the feet of Jesus.

Our day was glorious in every way!   Nearly 30 Priestesses feasted on a sumptuous vegetarian meal created by Priestess Gaia, as we sipped mead wine.

We feel very Blessed to do this holy work in the world, and to have royally honored the Goddess, with our prayers, music and sacred ceremony.

Blessed Be


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  1. Tara Burkhardt / Aug 10 2010

    I can’t find Holly’s poem. help me please.

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