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Aug 16 / Nancy Dew

On the Path to Becoming a Priestess

To become a Priestess at The Iseum is a path we all carefully chose
Terry, Holly, Marcy, Lisa, Melissa and Cora Rose

We each approached the year through some personal nudging
To spend time at Lilith where there are drums and some smudging

Our apprenticeship began at Summer Solstice in the year of twenty Oh Nine
With Eight-week ends to discover our expression of the Feminine Divine

Bound together with love and a string of bright pink
A spiral dance in a circle, our hands and hope we did link

With The Heroines Journey, a workbook, that would serve as our text
Slowly guiding and unfolding what we needed to know next
Using Myth as a tool we each as a woman began to explore
Our Mother, Our Father, and Our Selves to adore.

We called in the Directions, North, South, East and West
Asking great spirits to help us to bring out our best

The Elements were all presented with love, laughter and mirth
Each priestess expressing ways to honor our great Mother Earth.

With birdcalls, mud, mermaids, red hots, jumping fire
We began our initiation to a place we could only aspire

Goddess Theatre was presented, we were not sure of it what to make
First we met Durga then Nancy appeared nude and wrapped in a snake

Each time that we met, there was so much to learn
And when we left… to return, is all we would yearn

And when the time came Our H.P. ANA was always there without fail
To design every altar with exact perfect detail

The ancient Wheel was explained, with care and with passion
With each of us wide eyed and dressed in the best Goddess fashion.

Sitting in circle, sharing our lives, the laughter and tears
The joys, the sorrows, the courage, the fears,
not to mention Goddess Gaia cooking vegetarian meals

We all helped with clean up, from compost to sweeper
Always aided by a Priestess, in service as Temple Keeper

We met Spider Woman, Hestia, Bridget, Cerridwen and Danu
Each time wondering which Goddess WE would pursue.

Melissa heard Bast’s meow  the very first day
While we anticipated Psyche until the middle of May

Marzenna appeared with a wagon filled with soup, cards and bells
Yemaya moved us with waves of movement and shells

Sophia shared pearls of wisdom all dressed in red
The Goddess kissed us good night as we went off to bed

There were witches, and rituals, and a personal vow
At yoni rocks it was a windy and memorable wow.

We had a watery rebirth  with our mentors on hand
A baptism and promise to and from this sacred land

We made shields and rattles, pentagons, crowns and a staff
Sang, chanted and giggled as we all shared in a laugh

We bathed in a river, and let go of the past
as the Wheel of the Year spun by so fast

So today my sweet sisters, one journey will end,
But I am eternally grateful to have you each as a friend

Thank you for sharing yourselves through this amazing year
The memories we have are deep and quite dear.
I truly love you, on that I am clear.

Blessings to each, Marzenna, Yemaya, ANA, Psyche and Bast
Some wisdom from Sophia … Live, Love, Enjoy  life , have a blast!

Holly/Sophia 2010


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