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Nov 23 / Nancy Dew

Birth of The Sun

Dear Ones,
Since the Autumn Equinox on September 21,  when the days and nights are of equal length (equinox),  we have been experiencing shorter days and longer nights.  As Grandfather Sun settles lower in the sky each day,  he is finishing up his year of blazing across the sky and now reaches his ‘dying’ point for this year, and drifts lower and lower towards the loving arms of Mother Ocean.

photo by graur codrin

At Winter Solstice, (’sol’, sun, and ’stice’, standing still), December 21, he is at the lowest point in the evening sky, and our Sun takes a moment of rest, at the very second of Solstice,  3:38pm PST on the December 21st.  Then he is reborn, a moment later,  into a new baby sun…. beginning his path across the sky, for another year.

The ‘birth of the sun’….is historical,  is a fact of nature, and has always happened since the beginning of time, during this season of the year in the northern hemisphere.  This is the time of year when the ancient ones,  the Pagans, the first Earth Based Spirituality celebrated with bonfires, not only to keep warm but to welcome the birth of the sun,  the fire, which will slowly rise in the spring sky and make everything grow again in summer.
The church, which in its beginning, decided that the Pagans were evil, because they worshiped with the cyles of nature, and not in a church, began an Inquisition,  to do away with people who worshiped outside, and bring them into a church for the worship of Jesus.  One of the ways in which they did this, was to place ‘their holidays’ on or near the holidays which had been celebrated by the Pagans in nature since the beginning of time.  Hence, the ‘Birth of the Son’, Jesus, or Christmas, landed near the Winter Solstice, in which nature worshipers were already honoring the ‘Birth of the Sun‘.
So now is the dark time before the renewal of the light.  It is a fertile time in nature.  Everything,…plants, and trees, is nurtured by Mother Earth, deep at root level, before regrowth in Spring.  How are you nurturing yourself right now?   What needs attention, at soul level within,  in your lives.  How are you ‘going within’ and this time on the planet?  We have the opportunity to do just this, because of having shorter days, and longer dark hours.
In Earth Based Spiritualilty,  we align with the great Mother of all,  Mother Earth, and live with her cycles.  Now is the deepening time,  when we allow ourselves to reflect on what may not be working in our lives, that which is not in our Highest Good, and we take the time to see how we can
love ourselves even more by letting go of that which does not serve us, and come to a Higher place in our lives.
“Our task is to stump this provisional, perishing earth into ourselves so deeply, so painfully and passionately that it’s being may rise again,’invisibly’ in us.”
Rainer Maria Rilke, 1925

Many Blessings to you for this deepening time.
May you be with the love of family and friends for the holidays.
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