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Jan 10 / Nancy Dew

2011 is going to be a promising year at the Iseum

Blessings of the New Year to each of you!

May it be a promising and positive year, with a huge dose of Goodness, Tolerance, Abundance, Love and Peace for all people everywhere.

The Iseum of Mary Isis has a new calendar for the New Year! It appears to be a very busy and productive year ahead, thank you Goddess!

2010 Priestess Apprenticeship

I am very excited to announce that this is the 13th year in the Iseum of Mary Isis.  At this Summer Solstice, we will commence another yearlong Priestess Apprenticeship.

Here is our Vision Statement….

The Iseum of Mary Isis is dedicated to supporting women in knowing the power, wisdom, strength, compassion and the unconditional love of the Divine Feminine.

The Iseum is devoted to women’s spiritual growth and the courage to be one’s authentic self by exploring the mystery of our true essence as holy women.

Living in sisterhood, listening to nature’s guidance, the Iseum of Mary Isis celebrates, protects, and honors all of life by embracing Mother Earth and all her relations.

If this program interests you, please come to our High Tea for Prospective Apprentices on Sunday March 20 at 1pm, here at Lilith, in Northwest Sonoma County, California.   Call me for more information: 707-886-1810

May you shine the light that is yours to shine.

May you move through any fear that has stood between you and your joy.

May you choose, unconditionally, to love yourself and others, with a full heart.

May you find that inner peace, that we all seek, and discover it has been in you all along.

May you, regardless of challenges, continue towards your own dream.

~Shiloh Sophia


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