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Apr 7 / Nancy Dew


My Goddess, it’s already April and Spring is here!  At Lilith, the daffodils have popped their bright yellow faces up towards the lengthening sun…and I am back ease in the snow!

I’m just coming home from Philadelphia, home of Logan, my youngest grandchild, who had his first Birthday on February 27th.  I have two older grandkids living in Providence, RI; Eve, age 8, and Brendan, age 6.  I am delighted that we were all together for Logan’s birthday.

Being a grandmother, ‘Nanna’ as I am called, is by far one of life’s greatest gifts.  The full responsibility rests on another while I get the giggles, the cuddles and fun play time.  There is an amazing joy in witnessing the gene pool spreading down through out these precious souls.

I think what gives me the most incredible amount of pleasure though is watching my daughters become contributing, happy, and fulfilled women in their own right.  Their mothering to these blessed beautiful beings is good, Really Good.  They are centered and grounded with their husbands in decision making, and they are completely loving, comfortable and natural mothers.

My daughters have moved into the role I have left behind now and they are doing it well.  They have achieved a richness of life and a sensibility in these productive years that can only reflect the best to Eve, Brendan and Logan.

I can see that their love and compassion, their joie d’vivre, has grown out of the deep love and respect I have for them, and for that I am very grateful.

Life is Good

I am very Blessed


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  1. Hallie / Apr 7 2011

    Hi MOOM! Love the Website! Cute pic with all the Kids! I see a little Terry and Tiffany in Eve these days, and Kittle Branden still looks Like you and Cheryl, and Baby Logan Looks Like LaughingBuddha! Love It! Hope this is a clear message, sending from cell phone, Love You!

  2. Shekina / May 16 2011

    I can relate but it is your description of being a Nanna and “the spreading of the gene pool” brings tears to my eyes.
    Blessed be

  3. Jill/Kila / May 31 2011

    Such a beautiful loving description, Ana, of special moments in time….with your adorable grandchildren…and precious daughters….thank you for sharing with us your journey….we feel blessed now too!!!

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