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Sep 11 / Nancy Dew

Summer Wrap Up and Reflection

Lilith is absolutely gorgeous at this time of the year as the fuchsia orange sunsets casts their golden glow through the redwood trees so full now of the dried amber duff.  There is a time in evening when the whole land is bathed in a rusty copper Autumn haze… and it lasts only a few moments.   Lovely!

The summer just flew by…. Was there really summer up here ?   My vegetable garden has been confused, to say the least!   But now the pears have been picked and pear butter is boiling on the stove, and the apples are dropping into the chicken pen.  Autumn is a fun busy time,  just before the darker, quiet, within time just ahead, which I so love and crave.

I had an incredible solo journey all over No. California in July.  So rich with experiences, adventure and peaceful journeying.  No trip plan… just freedom and the road….  Jumping into lakes I passed, and walking through streams on hikes.  I recommend this kind of sojourn to you.  It is sooo fulfilling and enriching in so many ways.

And my kids and grand kids were just here for their week of Camp Lilith.  How precious they all are… and how grateful I am to have such a sweet and loving family.  We laughed a lot,  ate a lot,  and just had joyful fun!  And of course, did Ritual in our

Blessed Sacred Forest…. which the kids just adore.  This has become a very important part of their visit….. complete with drumming, rattling and singing!   Really  good.

And when it was time for the chaos and mess to leave…. It was time for it to leave!!!

Today is September 11,  and much is being made of the 10 year anniversary of 911.   I wish to focus on the beautiful memorial fountains that have been created at ground zero.   They are magnificent monuments… waterfalls of dazzling beauty that honor those who lost their lives 10 years ago…. as well as to the strength and resilience and of our blessed country.

It has come to my attention that tonight CNN  will air,  at 7pm, ‘Beyond Bravery… the Women of 911’ The book of this title, which resides in our Red Tent, was written by a woman we know from ‘Women’s Spirit’.

As a wise Kahuna from Hawaii says in his teachings…  ‘The World Is As You See It’     What you see and how you see it,  is just how it will be for you.  My Autumn Blessing is for you to visualize our

beautiful world as a healthy, loving and peaceful place for you and your family to reside.

Blessings to you all on these auspicious days of the Full Harvest Moon with  Mabon/Autumnal Equinox soon approaching.

Lots of love and joy and peace,


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