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Sep 26 / Nancy Dew

Autumn Equinox has brought us much change

photo by prozac1

Autumn is definitely here….it’s cold!  The decks are all wet in the morning,  the setting sun is moving  to the South, even all the acorns have been split open by the squirrels for their winters cache.   Each Fall, I look forward to that incredible time of the day, usually at dusk, when the sun hits the redwood trees, full of rusty colored duff ready to drop..and it casts a golden orange glow all over Lilith. The ground looks like it’s on fire!  It lasts for only a few moments, and it always brings me to my knees.   This time of the year always fills me so deeply.  I just love it!  There is something so special about readying the wood for fires, harvesting the last of the apples,  making jam and huckleberry pancakes and  sitting out in the late day waning sun, catching the last of Her Brilliance and warmth before we settle into a colder, more within time.

There is a big change here since Larry, my caretaker, moved on and  I find myself mending my own fences, Really… keeping Spotty in and the deer out !!  And the funny thing is that I Can Do It!   I went thru a bit of worry.. that I would not be ok without him.  But I am,  and I find myself out in the yard doing what is necessary in preparation for winter, and actually Loving it !!   I Can mend the fences, and get the all pruning done.   Change is the One Constant Thing we all experience, and often at this time of the year for some of us, it expresses itself more boldly!     Yet there is a quiet peace here at Lilith, and in my soul, as I relearn the necessities of ‘chopping the wood and carrying the water’.

Change is not always fun, but after many years of it (!!) I find if I relax into my Self, and return to trust,  I feel a certain blessing  from the inevitable growth of the experience.  I do love the ‘molding and shaping’ the Goddess is always be creating in me.  Life moves in strange and different ways.   And for me,  just being quiet, appreciating  and listening…  I step forward into the unknown,  and I know I am always supported by Mother Earth in her Abundant Wisdom.

A group of 14 of us will be celebrating Mabon, (named for Queen Mab of the Faerie folk),  under the Harvest Moon, in Mt. Shasta this year.  We leave next week to commune with the ‘Lemurians’,who supposedly live inside the great Mountain,  and hopefully we will receive guidance from St. Germain.  Please hold us in your hearts for a safe journey.

I wish you an abundant Autumn Equinox, full of anticipation, magic and wonder…. And of course,  change!

Lots of love,


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