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Jan 21 / Nancy Dew

My New Years Eve!

I have come to look forward to this eve more than any other in the year!

The day and evening is a complete gift to me… a bit of thanks for the year!

I live in such a fantastic little piece of the world, here in Northern California , in a redwood forest near the sea.

The weather cooperated today and I took my faithful companion Spotty Tyrone out to the bluffs for a sunny walk along the coastal shore.   The whales were spouting and rolling and the birds were everywhere overhead.   What a clear and gorgeous last day of 2012.

Many people had the same idea, to be out, as we have had so much rain.  Lovely people sharing their dogs, and their babies and wishing a happy new year to all.

I found a rocky bluff and sat in meditation for a while,  taking in all this beauty I live in,  Spotty faithfully at my side, sniffing at the wind.

Pretty soon I stood up and reached out to the abundant elements surrounding me,  and called in the Directions.  I felt the ocean,  Mother Earth,  the breeze on my face, and the Grandmothers all inviting me to the sacred.  I called them in in such gratitude,  just for knowing that they are always there.

Since I have been crowned Crone, the Ancestors seem particularly close and I feel them guiding me on this path to the North, my journey’s last direction on the Wheel of Life.   As Gailya said, “the road before me is shorter than the one behind me”.

My day had begun and I kept the sacred, with everyone I met for the rest of the day,  as I selected the ‘just right’ foods at the grocery store to nourish me on this special night.

Home with Mr. Spot, I created my home, warm and cozy, with flowers and a fire. I lit candles in every room, and lowered the lights as I prepared a meal for Me… my New Years Eve date!   Music, ahh must have music.   And I danced to Corinne Baily Rae singing ‘Girl put your music on, play your favorite song, go ahead let your hair down’   I just love that song!   I think she is singing to me!

So while I prepared a delicious meal of my favorite foods, complete with appetizers and dessert….I took breaks to dance with the sweet sounds of Corinne!

I’m thinking,  well I must have a martini,  its New Year’s Eve!   However,  I know nothing about making a martini.   But I have the perfect glass, a gift from my daughter’s wedding!

So I dribbled a little bit of vodka over some ice in my cute glass, and filled it up with grapefruit juice…. My idea of a good martini!   It felt just right!

My meal, eaten by candlelight and soft music, was delicious.  I felt like the perfect date!

Then on to my New Years Eve Ritual,  done every year for probably 20 years.  I gather up my calendars from the past year and my journal, and sitting by the fire, I go over the year.   I write all the adventures I had,  I write about my work,  my family, my land and the animals.  I reflect over the year… what felt good and what needs work or changing.    It’s like a catharsis or a cleansing of the year.   It feels somewhat like a preparation.   I feel more ready for what is to come, having reviewed where I’ve been!!

And then, you know I am in bed well before midnight, didn’t even wait for the apple to drop!

Sweet Dreams to all and to all a Good Year ahead!  May it bring you all the love you desire, and deep inner peace.



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