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Oct 29 / Nancy Dew

Samhain 2014


The veils are thinnest now between the worlds, and communication with the ‘other side’ is easiest.  Perhaps you have a relative who has passed over, and maybe there were words you couldn’t say or forgot to say.  Light a candle and hold their picture to bring them closer to you, and say anything you like, really.  This is a very healing ritual.

Funny how Halloween became a time for little goblins and spooky things.  The dead are closer to us at this time of year.  But why is that scary??  What if the other side was all about Love, hmmm, nothing scary about that!

I just love this time of year.  Not for Vampires and the like, but for amazing Mother Earth, and her colors and smells and the rain,  Yes the Rain!   We had a thunder storm and downpour of rain out here in Annapolis that was quite something last Saturday.  Delicious!

I also get excited about this season as it invites me inside, to make the fires and become less outwardly. My time in quiet and solitude seems to be more and more necessary as I grow older,( maybe it’s wiser!)  I am restored in mind, body and spirit when I allow time to be just with myself.  I love cooking soups and acorn squashes with cinnamon.  My garden is still producing, amazingly!  I can pick kale, lettuce, tomatoes, chard, spinach and strawberries. I receive such pleasure from selecting meals from my own garden!

May you enjoy, actually may you Love, this season of so many changes.  The dark, the holidays, food, family  and some down time for yourself.

Blessed Be.

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