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Feb 1 / Nancy Dew


The first of February on the ancient Celtic Wheel of the Year is Imbolc (meaning ewe’s milk), and we have plenty of it flowing out to precious baby lambs up here on California’s north coast. And while we are longing for more rain, it is sweet to know these newborns are warm in the unusual 70 degree weather.

Imbolc, in the Goddess traditions is the time of the Maiden. Brigid, Irelands Maiden, Mother and Crone Goddess, rises from her winter slumber and walks the land waking the crocuses. Here on the north coast, during our off scheduled warming trend, our daffodils are blooming a month ahead of time, while the East is covered in over 2 feet of snow.
Artemis is another Maiden Goddess we honor at this time of the year. Artemis is the Goddess of nature, and protectress of children. Jean Shinoda Bolen, psychiatrist and best-selling author, has a new book out entitled Artemis, the Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman. In this exciting new read, she explains how young women all over the world are coming to the aid of other young women who are in need. There are grassroots nonprofit ngo’s (non- government organizations) rising all over the world, nearly a million of them according to the article I just read in The Optimist, a magazine I think worth reading. In this current issue, a several page article showcases Dr. Bolen’s new book and theory where ‘she casts Artemis as the prototype for the next wave of female activists’. Yea!! Let us all be activists in our own communities and create the changes we wish for in our troubled world. Blessed Be!

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