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Mar 7 / Nancy Dew


The Goddess Eostre for which Ostara and Easter is named is the Germanic Goddess of the fertile earth.

Her symbols are the rabbit and eggs.

The Vernal Equinox, where the light and dark are in perfect balance on our planet will take place Sat. Mar 19, 9:30pm.

The extremes of light and dark dance through our lives all year, now this day,  mid-point between Imbolc and Beltane

reminds us to check in and see how we are or perhaps are not in balance and bring our lives back to a place of balance.

Ahhhh  raaiiiiinn!  So blessed!   Thank you Mother Earth and Father Sky.

I walked the forest early this morning with Honey Dew and Voo Dew running along beside me.

Honey Dew sniffing, pooping everywhere, and Voo Dew running up every tree to the top and then looking down, like, what now!

She always figures it out.

Our creek is full and overflowing into the Fire Circle.  Little water falls everywhere,  the sounds are just delicious!  A meditation.

It was sunrise, and while I couldn’t see Grandfather Sun thru the trees in the East, I could see  its reflection in the West.  The clouds were thick as more rain was coming, and the morning sky

was a gorgeous dusty rose, casting its hazy color through the land of Lilith.  It was magnificent, seeing the white blossoms on the plum trees turn pink!  Ahhh rain, I love it!

Lots of love,


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