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Jul 29 / Nancy Dew


The house is quiet and I am enjoying my reverie of peace and solitude after 7 days of 9 of us all together!! Phew!

What delicious chaos it all was! Speaking of delicious, my 11 year old grandson, made nearly all the meals…. Lots of them. he wants to own a restaurant!

We made Magic Wands out of sticks with the help of artist in-residence Marcy, and took them all around the altars for a real Priestess Ritual, complete with jumping the Fire !

Of course, we made it a bit more fun, with s’mores to follow!

Pat Epona took them on a horse ride, which was super exciting, as my younger ones had never been on a horse. And Pat was so gentle and thorough with them,

All 4 of my grandchildren slept in the Red Tent, ages 4-14. They drummed on the big mother drum, and cuddled on the many pillows and played games .

So much love in everyone’s heart. I am so blessed!

We kayaked up the Gualala River, and saw so many birds, frogs and fish!

We had soft serve sundaes at Two Fish Stewarts Pt, and a walk out to the bluff at Sea Ranch Lodge where they got to see baby seagulls at their nests.

I have included a picture of us from there.

They were enchanted as always with Lilith, being from Philly and Providence, this is real country!

I think my sons-in-law would actually love to live here!

They had a real North Coast experience complete with a travelogue ‘scavenger hunt’ for the ride up the coast ( I have attached it …. Use it if you like!)

I just love their visit, and look forward to it each year…. and I sooo love now my quiet space alone. Ahhhh Blessed Be! It is all good!

I hope you are enjoying your summer…. Having some fun and being with friends and family.

Lots of love and blessings of the Goddess to you

Nancy ana

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